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How to play with

Between Footsteps


We have created six percussive musical tracks inspired by six sculptures in Heide Museum of Modern Art's sculpture park.

Download the music onto your own mp3 devices and listen as you explore the park. Download the activity sheets and get started on your musical adventure. 

The combination of sights and sounds will inspire playful stories, drawings, songs, paintings, films, games, performances, photographs, dances...

Before you go: 


Print out an activity sheet

When you're there:


Go to Heide Museum
7 Templestowe Road, Bulleen, Melbourne, Australia.
10am - 5pm, Tuesday to Sunday.  


Stream the music created for Heide Museum from our website. 

Play the tracks you like as you explore the sculpture park. 

Let your imagination go on a wild adventure! 


Use an Activity Sheet to choose your music, spark stories and play!

after you return:


Tell us your stories! Get your grown up's permission to send us your artwork and we'll share your creative adventures on our blog.





Between Footsteps

by Elissa Goodrich

Listen to the music inspired by six sculptures in Heide Museum of Modern Art's sculpture park.

If you like this music we have  2 Bonus Between Footsteps tracks available for purchase via CDBaby.  Click here!

And you can check out Elissa’s other albums: 

States of Play 
Shannon Goodrich Ensemble

Elissa Goodrich

For itunes – go to itunes and simply type Elissa Goodrich into the search box for our back catalogue.



Here are the six sculptures from Heide Museum of Modern Art's sculpture park that inspired the album. 







Print out a selection of activity sheets to help you get started on your creative, musical journey with Between Footsteps!

Activity sheet #1: creative range

ACTIVITY SHEET #1 has a range of creative activities that allow you to tell and write stories, draw, perform, dance and dream.  It is great if you want to express your creativity in different ways. 

Activity sheet #2: active and energetic time!

ACTIVITY SHEET #2 has games and performance activities that keep you moving and thinking. It is great if you want to express your imagination through physical games and playing with friends.

Activity sheet #3: Reflective and sensory time.

ACTIVITY SHEET #3 has drawing, writing, and dreaming activities that allow you to create visual artworks and document your own stories. It is great if you like making something to keep, or want alone time while you’re creating.

There is a little bit of space on the sheet to draw and write, but you might like to bring extra paper for big ideas!

Activity sheet #4: Choose your own adventure.

ACTIVITY SHEET #4 gives you the three simple steps to create your own creative, musical adventure. It is great if you feel like doing your own thing and you have lots of ideas.  




Get a grown up's permission to show us how you played with Between Footsteps with your stories, drawings, photos, songs, dances, films, plays...

We're going to pop your work onto our website so that we can all enjoy your creative story!

You can: 

1. email us your pictures, films, sounds and writing

2. post on our Facebook page

3. tweet or instagram with #betweenfootsteps

Our blog stories


Music credits*

All tracks
Composer and Sound Design – Elissa Goodrich
Recording studio Sound Engineer – Russell Thomson
Mastered by Adam Dempsey

Track 1. Running Man (4:14) (2015)
Marimba – Elissa Goodrich
Drums / Shaker – Daniel Farrugia

Track 2. Theatre of Stars (3:26) (2015)
Electric Guitar – Elliott Folvig
Kalimba – Elissa Goodrich
Cymbals – Daniel Farrugia

Track 3. Rust and Endless Windows (4:22) (2015)
Vibraphone / Played sculpture – Elissa Goodrich
Electric Guitar – Elliott Folvig

Track 4. Dreamweave Waves (3:19) (2015)
Marimba / Percussion / Played sculpture – Elissa Goodrich
Ocean Drum / Drums – Daniel Farrugia

Track 5.  Dance of the Little Donkey (3:44)  (2015)

Marimba – Elissa Goodrich
Electric Guitar – Elliott Folvig

Track 6. Spheres and Planets (4:14) (2015)
Electric Guitar – Elliott Folvig
Vibraphone / Marimba / Played sculptures – Elissa Goodrich
Drums / Ocean Drum – Daniel Farrugia


If you like this music we have 2 Bonus Between Footsteps tracks available for purchase via CDBaby. Click here!

Bonus tracks’ music credits:

Track 7.  Dreamweaves (4:49)  (2015)
Electric Guitar – Elliott Folvig
Vibraphone – Elissa Goodrich
Composer – Elissa Goodrich
Recording studio Sound Engineer – Russell Thomson
Mastered by Adam Dempsey

Track 8.  Stars (3:07) (2015)
Kalimba – Elissa Goodrich
Cymbals – Daniel Farrugia
Composer and Sound Design – Elissa Goodrich
Recording studio Sound Engineer – Russell Thomson
Mastered by Adam Dempsey

And you can check out Elissa’s other albums:

States of Play 
Shannon Goodrich Ensemble

Elissa Goodrich

For itunes – go to itunes and simply type Elissa Goodrich into the search box for our back catalogue. 

*Here's where we get a little serious for a moment.
Copyright Elissa Goodrich 2016.All songs are artist copyright, any unauthorised reproduction of this compilation is prohibited. 
There finished, now enjoy!




Contact us

Send us an email with your stories, comments and questions. 

Ask a grown up to share your drawings, photos, songs, dances, sculptures, films, plays...

We're going to pop your work onto our website so that we can all enjoy your creative story!



About us

Between Footsteps builds on Composer/Percussionist Elissa Goodrich’s research into how children’s play develops skills, confidence, and self-awareness.

The Between Footsteps music that accompanies the children's exploration of outdoor art gives them a new way to view their world and express themselves. Between Footsteps empowers children to tell their stories through thoughtful and active play. 

We have created six percussive tracks that have been inspired by six of Heide’s sculptures in their park. But it is the children who complete Between Footsteps.

Children choose which tracks they would like to listen to as they play in the sculpture park. The activity sheets help them get started on their creative, musical journey. Where they’ll go is up to their imagination.

Through music, Between Footsteps connects the outside world of the sculpture park with the children’s imaginative inner world.

The rhythms, tones, and melodies of the music evoke patterns, feelings, and imaginative landscapes that complement and contrast with what the children are seeing, touching, hearing and smelling. The music features electric guitar, percussion and drums and it also incorporates sounds of the sculptures and the natural parkland. The music has contrasting quiet spaces to allow the children to hear their own breath, footsteps, heartbeat, and surroundings.

As the children play, make choices, and interact with their environment, the music and the activity sheets encourage them to reflect upon and express their creativity.

Between Footsteps started as a bright spark in the mind of Composer/Percussionist Elissa Goodrich and has grown with the help of Writer/Dramaturge Cressida Bradley, Guitarist Elliott Folvig, Drummer Daniel Farrugia, Technical Consultant Adrian Bruch, and Childhood Development Specialist Ron Goodrich.

Thank you

Between Footsteps would not be possible without the guidance and contribution of our friends at Heide Museum of Modern Art, and without the financial support of Creative Victoria. 


The Between Footsteps 2016 pilot was supported by Creative Victoria. 

The Between Footsteps 2016 pilot was hosted by Heide Museum of Modern Art.


Our Artists


Composer, Percussion / Elissa Goodrich
Electric Guitar / Elliott Folvig
Drums / Daniel Farrugia
Writer, Dramaturg / Cressida Bradley
Technical Consultant / Adrian Bruch
Childhood Development Specialist / Dr.R.A Goodrich (not pictured)


Elissa Goodrich is a musician (percussionist), sound artist & composer, B.Perf.Arts, Victorian College of the Arts, Masters (History/ Creative Arts) (by Research), University of Melbourne. Elissa’s sound-art works have featured in internationally in; Centre de Cultura Contemporanea Barcelona (Spain), Soundwaves Festival & International Lightworks Festival (UK), Sonori Sguardi’s media-art festival, the Roman Colosseum, and at Tempo Reale’s Soundscapes and Sound Identities, (Italy), Adelaide Arts Festival (Aus), Melbourne International Arts Festival (Aus), International Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music (IRE) & in audio-visual collaborations including: with visual artist Gabby O’Connor at Museum of Otago (NZ), & with filmmaker Michael Carmody at Tempo Reale’s Keep An Ear On (Italy), Double Dialogues (Wales), Punctum inc., (Aus) and Traverse International Video-Art Festival (France). 

Elissa records & performs in contemporary classical, jazz & pop groups & co-led world-jazz Shannon-Goodrich Ensemble with 2 nominations for 2009 Australian Jazz Work of the Year from their Worlds Within Worlds CD. Elissa also works in independent theatre & dance, including long-term collaboration with director Bagryana Popov (1998–current). In 2013 Elissa released; the critically acclaimed jazz debut for States of Play, and solo marimba project Bach Conversations.  

Elissa’s recent key awards include: 
2016: CarltonConnectLab/City of Melbourne Artistic Residency for The Gene Tree Residency with Dr Anna Syme.
2015: Creative Victoria for Outdoor Soundwork for Children, Between Footsteps with Cressida Bradley hosted at Heide Museum of Modern Art.
2014: Australia Council for the Arts, for composition of Dusk to Dawn: forgotten songs of flight.  
2014: Melbourne Museum Quiddity composition commission for the Federation Handbells.
2012: ABC RN music commission for See how the Leaf People Run (producer Maryanne Lynch, writer Michelle Lee) (Winner 2013 Best original radio play AWGIES).
2012: City of Melbourne, for Bach Conversations.
2012: Australia Council for the Arts, for States of Play music composition with colleague Clare Shannon.
2011: Co-winner Green Room Award - Production Progress and Melancholy (Bagryana Popov director).
2009-10: State Library of Victoria Creative Fellowship for Elissa’s Child’s Play.
2009: Nominee, Australian Jazz Work of the Year for Beyond Both Worlds.

Elliott Folvig is a guitarist and teacher who is based in Melbourne. He completed a degree in Improvisation at the VCA, studying with Ren Walters, and in 2012 completed his Masters in Music performance, focussing his research on the use of visualisation in music performance practice. 

He plays a wide variety of styles both acoustically and electrically and has performed at virtually all of Australia's major venues and festivals. His most recent work includes Fallingwater Trio (Jazz), Big Fela (Afrobeat), Bombay Royale (Bollywood), Adrian Sherriff's Nandi (Indian Fusion), Elissa Goodrich’s Federation Bells and States of Play projects, Kate Neal's Dead Horse Band (Contemporary Classical), Sean McLaughlin duo (Rock) and his own ensembles Wurlitzer (Funk) and Oracle (World). He has collaborated in many projects with other artists for the Melbourne Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Jazz Fringe Festival, Brunswick Music Festival, and the Wangaratta Jazz festival to name a few.

Daniel Farrugia plays with great musicality and versatility, making him one of Australia’s most in demand drummers for recording and live performance. 

Daniel graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2005, completing a Bachelor of Music Performance within the Improvisation Stream. During his first year of study at the the VCA, Daniel was honoured by academic staff with the 'Gwen Nisbet Encouragement Award', recognising commitment to musical activities within the university and in the community, and also acknowledging a high level of attainment in performance and related academic studies.

A highly regarded and well respected musician across an incredibly diverse variety of musical styles, Daniel has performed/recorded with an array of artists and bands including Missy Higgins, Angus and Julia Stone, The Bamboos, The Luke Howard Trio, Thomas Bartlett, Felix Riebl, The Cat Empire, Tinpan Orange, Eddie Bo, Eddie Floyd, Mary Wilson, Renée Geyer, Doug Parkinson, Mia Dyson, Alice Russell and The Quantic Soul Orchestra. 

Cressida Bradley writes clear and compelling stories for organisations and artists to help create a better world. 

She has spent her life collecting stories and sharing them with the world. Sometimes she carves the stories out of paper and material, and sometimes she writes and performs them. In her previous business, Explosure, she produced and created creative workshops, short films, podcasts, short stories and articles. In 2011, Explosure was shortlisted for an Arts Hub award for Innovation in the arts by an individual or group. These days she spends her time writing for other people and sharing all the good things that they are doing in the world. And lately she’s also been heard performing her own stories at events like The Moth and on RRR radio.

Adrian Bruch is a leading-edge multimedia professional and educator, with over thirty years experience in creating interactive content and digital publishing. He has also worked as an independent filmmaker and animator in Australia and Hollywood. As a film artist, he has exhibited in group shows and performances, including the Guggenheim Museum (USA) and the National Gallery of Victoria. As a cartoonist, he has illustrated one book for children "Sogni D'Oro" and been published in several newspapers. Adrian enjoys being at the bleeding edge of research and development, thriving on the joining of diverse groups in real world projects.

Dr. R.A. Goodrich co-ordinates a longitudinal project with Maryrose Hall that investigates linguistic, cognitive, and behavioural development of higher-functioning children within the autistic spectrum and related disorders. He regularly contributes critiques on research for the New York-based Metapsychology. He is affiliated with the Centre for the History of Emotions (University of Melbourne) and European Philosophy & History of Ideas (Deakin University).