Print out a selection of activity sheets to help you get started on your creative, musical journey with Between Footsteps!

Activity sheet #1: creative range

ACTIVITY SHEET #1 has a range of creative activities that allow you to tell and write stories, draw, perform, dance and dream.  It is great if you want to express your creativity in different ways. 

Activity sheet #2: active and energetic time!

ACTIVITY SHEET #2 has games and performance activities that keep you moving and thinking. It is great if you want to express your imagination through physical games and playing with friends.

Activity sheet #3: Reflective and sensory time.

ACTIVITY SHEET #3 has drawing, writing, and dreaming activities that allow you to create visual artworks and document your own stories. It is great if you like making something to keep, or want alone time while you’re creating.

There is a little bit of space on the sheet to draw and write, but you might like to bring extra paper for big ideas!

Activity sheet #4: Choose your own adventure.

ACTIVITY SHEET #4 gives you the three simple steps to create your own creative, musical adventure. It is great if you feel like doing your own thing and you have lots of ideas.