Radio stars!

Elissa and I are creating a piece for Radio National based on the stories and music of Between Footsteps! 

Last weekend we spent two sunny days running around Heide's sculpture park and recording the stories of Tess, Harriet, Scarlet, Jeremiah, Emile, Olive, Grace, Matteo, Archer, Maya and Amelie.

Thanks to everyone who took part!

Their stories took us to some interesting places full of monsters, storms, running races, planets, dreams, happiness, dark woods, dancing, kindly Badger, naughty Toad, lasers, glistening whales, rain in India, cheerful bunnies, playful dogs, soft toys, castles, starlit skies, evil chasers, thunder, rock stars, dinosaurs, Mars, cannonballs, sad donkeys, big trees, rollercoasters, swimming in the sea, the Moon, ships made out of marshmallows and books, trees that grow chocolate eggs, seedpods, dust clouds, secret passwords, computer beeps, and a rainbow of colours. 

How are we going to fit it all this magic into ten minutes? We'll keep you posted...

In the meantime here's one small story that we can share, just to satisfy the creative beast in you.